Wolfram Lohr

Wolfram Lohr

Wolfram, born in Germany came to England in 1996 to become a shoemaker. In 1997 he worked with various shoemakers.He wanted to provide more choice for men and to bring longstanding quality to his customers. He went on to create a classic and funky shoe and accessory range. In 2004 Wolfram opened a workshop combined with a shop in Brighton. This enabled customers to develop new and bespoke products with help and expertise.

In 2004 a partnership started with Sarah Gardner. She brought a design ethic from her textile and photography background, which resulted in extending their ladies’ range. Sarah began to run the shop in 2006. With their growing family, they decided to concentrate on the production of accessories, which lead to the closure of the shop in 2010. They now have a workshop in Hove near Brighton.


Bringing old and new together is the basis of their inspiration. The duo have a passion for old craftsmanship in all materials; their personal collection of vintage objects ranges from leather bags to hats to clothing. This directly feeds into their new designs: they look at the old shapes in vintage products and adapt them into a “Wolfram Löhr” accessory. Creating the balance between modern functionality and fashionable flare.

Every Wolfram product is made in his workshop in Hove. He hand-picks the hides from leather merchants in Germany and England. The bulk of the leather comes from Italy and is mostly vegetable tanned.

These leather products are truly incredible. Come down to Studio 45 to see them!